‘Real Housewives of New York City’ Spoilers: Bethenny Frankel Is Not On Speaking Terms With Her Fiancé’s Ex-Wife

Bethenny Frankel, the former star of the Real Housewives of New York City, has not reached out to Ashley Bernon— who happens to the ex of her current fiancé Paul Bernon.

‘Real Housewives of New York City’ Spoilers: Bethenny Frankel Is Not On Speaking Terms With Her Fiancé’s Ex-Wife

There is no animosity between Paul and Ashley, but there is no desire on the latter to rekindle any kind of relationship with even Bethenny. A source said: “They remain amicable [to] this day. Ashley’s completely moved on.” The duo, for their part, had been married for 14 years, and so the decision to not reach out has been quite strange.

Having said that, there is no ill-will of any kind, but rather, work commitments have gotten in the way of anything happening. An insider revealed: “It just hasn’t happened. [Ashley] works as a director for a prominent real estate law firm in Boston. In fact, she’s never even watched the Real Housewives — she doesn’t watch reality TV.” 

The fact that Bethenny’s engagement ring is worth up to the sum of a million dollars has not swayed Ashley to say anything. And despite her being involved in the corporate world, she has barely come across Bethenny, never mind in any business dealings. The insider added: “She didn’t even know who Bethenny Frankel was, and she doesn’t know Bethenny’s true personality or anything like that.

“She only knows about Bethenny from what she sees and reads.” Ashley is far from concerned, and why would she be? After all, she has plenty of things to keep her busy. Not just in her line of work, but also her new flame Kyle Miller. And by all accounts, things have been going very well in that regard. Another source said: “They’ve been engaged for almost two years now, and she’s pregnant, expecting a baby girl next month.

“She announced her pregnancy [at] the beginning of February.” Bethenny and Paul, in contrast, have had it a bit more challenging. They had decided to part ways before the big ring was put on her finger. But it seems that those problems have now been resolved, and the couple are focused on the future ahead. And who knows, with time, maybe the three will eventually meet up? Watch this space. 

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