Jeopardy! Guest Host Doctor Oz Accused of Being a “Danger To the Public”, Fans Want Him Replaced With Aaron Rodgers!

Dr Mehmet Oz, better known as Doctor Oz, is under increasing scrutiny after a petition to remove him from the show Jeopardy! has been filed. And by the sounds of it, someone could follow in his place. 

Is Doctor Oz Leaving Jeopardy With Aaron Rodgers Coming In

The petitioners have claimed that Dr Oz goes against the values of the show. The wording said: “When we heard that Dr Mehmet Oz was slated to be a guest host, [the] agreement came quickly — we were opposed. Throughout his nearly two decades on television, he has used his authority as a doctor to push harmful ideas onto the American public, in stark contrast with his oath to first do no harm.”

This is not the first time that Dr Oz has gotten himself into a pickle. Most recently, he was involved in a dispute with well-renowned talk show host Wendy Williams. Dr Oz had been questioning Wendy’s decision not to take the covid 19 vaccines. While he had expressed his disapproval, which anyone is entitled to, the audience felt that the doctor was not considering Wendy’s concerns. That being, she was a pro-choice advocate and therefore should have autonomy over which medicine she has.

In addition, the petitioners have claimed that the doctor is, in fact, a danger to the public. It is such a strong statement, but it resurfaced after he supported the reopening of schools during the pandemic. Dr Oz felt that the best way to get things back to normal was to show a sense of continuity by starting in the educational system. His critics felt that, while he was entitled to have those opinions, it should not have been projected on live television, given that many people may be swayed merely through words.

So is there a possibility that he could leave? Well, there are rumours that Aaron Rodgers could be ushered in and that would make way for Dr Oz to leave. Aaron is very popular in his own right and the initial comments to that have been positive. It is looks like the ball is firmly in Aaron’s court.

Dr Oz, for his part, has yet to respond to the allegations. Whether or not he does will not prevent the increasing calls for him to vacate his role. If you enjoyed reading this article, then please make sure you check out our other features on the Daily Soap Dish. Please also visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favourite daytime television soaps.

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