Game of Thrones Stars Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie Have a Baby!

As we all know, Rose Leslie and Kit Harington played ill-fated lovers, Jon Snow and Ygritte, on Game of Thrones. However their real life lovestory ended quite differently than the sad, heart-wrenching tale we saw on-screen.

Even though they’ve kept their romance low-key and under wraps as possible, when it was announced that Game of Thrones would be ending, Harington said that the most important role of his life was coming to a close, then quickly amended himself saying, “Well, not the most important one, hopefully I’ll be a Father.”


That was way back when they announced their engagement back in 2018. Recently, they added a newborn son to their family. She had first announced her pregnancy in Make Magazine’s “Bold” issue back in September, where we got to see her baby bump, and now Page 6 has recently posted a picture of the young family on a London outing, complete with masks, carrying their young son.

She also said that the two had purchased a home in England and would be living there after years of being in New York City. One can’t really blame them for wanting to go back home, after all, when one adds to the family, one wants to be near family in order to reinforce those bonds. Especially after the year we’ve all had where we literally couldn’t see our family for months on end.

Leslie was quoted as saying, “What a glorious thing to be able to run to the countryside and recoup. It’s a great privelege to be surrounded by greenery, birdsong, hedgerows, and our delightful neighbors. It’s so peaceful.” A glorious thing indeed.

We’re happy for the Harington family and wish them the best with their lives together and look forward to seeing them in other roles outside the Game of Thrones franchise (or maybe even reprising their roles at some point, hey we wouldn’t mind!). However, the inner fangirl in me just wants to jump up and down screaming, “OMG JON AND YGRITTE HAD A BABY!!!” over and over again. True love does exist! Stay tuned!!!

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