Ellen DeGeneres Gives an Update on Wife Portia De Rossi After Being Rushed To Hospital

Actress Portia De Rossi underwent emergency surgery on her appendix on Friday, but it seems she is doing well as wife and comedienne, Ellen Degeneres  is updating fans in her signature, Ellen lighthearted way.

Addressing the scary situation that happened on Friday evening, Ellen explained in her talk show’s opening monologue that her Australian wife was not feeling well and decided to go to bed to sleep it off. Degeneres joked, “And it was like 8 o’clock and that’s early. I’m not used to going to bed that early. We go to bed around 8:30.”

Ellen DeGeneres Gives an Update on Wife Portia De Rossi After Being Rushed To Hospital

Ellen went on to explain how she was abruptly woken up to find Portia was no longer sleeping beside her. “I get out of bed and I find Portia on the floor on all fours,” the talk-show host continued, “and I’m like, ‘Baby, are you okay?; And she says, ‘Yeah, I’m okay.’ And I said, “Well, you’re okay if you’re playing Twister by yourself, but you’re not okay…you’re on the floor!'” 

63-year old Degeneres then drove her pain-stricken wife to the E.R. where the 48-year-old actress was admitted. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, DeGeneres wasn’t able to stay with the actress in the hospital.

“That’s upsetting to me. They sent me home and I’m crying,” she admitted before joking again, “Because someone was chopping onions at the nurse’s station.”

She also kidded how she tried to barter tickets for The Ellen DeGeneres Show in exchange for more pain medication for Portia, but the negotiations didn’t work because “that’s the rules.”

Ellen finally gave the good news that Portia is back home, recovering before delivering one more joke, saying, “Not all of her, she left her appendix at the hospital. I’m going to auction off the appendix for charity. I’m kidding, it’s gonna go on eBay.”

We’re very glad to hear Portia is doing well after her surgery and that Ellen can find humor during a tough time. Ellen, too, has had recent medical troubles, contracting Covid in December. Here’s hoping it’s smooth sailing for the couple from here on out!

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