Chris Cuomo Received VIP Attention During Covid Crisis – Top Physician Spent Hours At Cuomo’s Hampton Home

It definitely pays to have your big brother take after you. That’s what Chris Cuomo is probably thinking to himself as there’s a new report says the CNN host reportedly received even more attention that other VIP’s during Covid-19 testing during the very beginning of the pandemic last year.

In fact, a top New York state physician reportedly spent hours at Chris Cuomo’s Hamptons home, taking care of both him and his family. Here’s what you need to know.

According to the Washington Post, while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo prioritized Covid-19 testing last year, his brother Chris Cuomo allegedly received treatment beyond others that are considered VIP.

Chris Cuomo Received VIP Attention During Covid Crisis – Top Physician Spent Hours At Cuomo’s Hampton Home

Sources say that there were more than 100 people with close ties to Andrew Cuomo who were referred to as “priorities,” “specials,” “inner circle” or “criticals” and were “logged in an electronic data sheet that was kept separate from a database for the general public.”

“A top state physician whose pandemic portfolio involved coordinating testing in nursing homes was dispatched multiple times to the Hamptons home of CNN host Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, in testing visits that sometimes stretched hours,” the Post reported.

Yet, a spokesperson for the governor released a statement that said, “There was no ‘VIP’ program as the Washington Post describes — when priority was given, it was to nurses, guardsmen, state workers and other government officials central to the pandemic response and those they were in direct contact with, as well as individuals believed to have been exposed to COVID who had the capability to spread it further and impact vital operations.”

With that said, New York state officials denied that a relationship with the governor resulted in special treatment for anyone. Many New Yorkers were eligible for priority testing, including members of the general public at high risk, they said.

Needless to say, reports about Chris Cuomo receiving special treatment is just the latest negative story circulating around Andrew Cuomo, who is facing calls to resign of sexual harassment allegations. A 10th woman made claims against the governor this week.

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