Bekah Martinez BLASTS Trolls Questioning the Authenticity of Her Mexican Heritage!

Bekah Martinez has blasted critics who have questioned the authenticity of her Mexican heritage.

Bekah Martinez Slams Trolls Over Questioning Her Mexican Heritage!

In an interview with Parents Latina magazine, Bekah spoke on how her mixed family has played into the hands of the trolls due to her lack of Spanish. After all, her mother is Polish, whereas her father is Mexican. She said: “We live in Long Beach, California. There’s a big Latino population here, and when people try to talk to me in Spanish, I feel a twinge of pain, like ‘Uh, I don’t really speak it.’

“But regardless of whether others think I fit the profile or not, I am very proud of my Mexican heritage.” And her appearance on the magazine’s cover was not met with a lot of love. Fans began to question whether Bekah deserved to be the Mexican personality on the magazine. In response, she put out a detailed statement on Instagram revealing just how hesitated she was: “This has been such an exciting experience for me.”

“But it hasn’t come without a sense of sadness. I hesitated to even accept the offer of being featured in @parentslatina because I just didn’t feel “Mexican enough”. The comments from fans really cut deep as Bekah lamented her lack of Spanish as it got in the way of her developing a stronger bond with her grandparents. The emotional of it all led her to tears.

She added: “If only these people knew the tears I’ve cried over wishing I could have spoken to my grandparents in their native tongue. If only they knew the longing I’ve had to be a ‘real Mexican.'” Bekah also acknowledged that there were struggles she could never understand despite being Mexican because of her appearance. Although she may never experience such issues, she did show her people some solidarity.

She continued: “I know there are struggles and discrimination that come from being ‘visibly Mexican’ that I will never experience. I know there is deep-seated colourism within the Latino community. I know there are so many benefits and opportunities I gain from my whiteness.” It is good to see Bekah being proud of her Mexican heritage. 

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