Bekah Martinez Blasts Taylor Nolan For Her Social Media Activity!!

Bekah Martinez has brutally attacked Taylor Nolan over her previous tweets despite the issuance of an apology. 

Bekah Martinez Blasts Taylor Nolan For Her Social Media Activity!!

In an Instagram story posted on her account, Bekah called out what she perceived to be self-pity. She said: “Taking time out of my Sunday social media break to post this because I think a lot of other bach nation people will be scared to say something, and this needs to be called out. @taymocha, as someone who consistently calls out other people’s apologies, I expect far better than this bulls–t that consistently centres yourself and is insanely self-congratulatory and snarky. Humble yourself and call it what it is.”

This caused a stir amongst the internet, with people feeling that Bekah may have overstepped the mark. This was particularly given that Taylor had issued two apologies since. Nevertheless, Bekah refused to back down and continued her rant. She added: “You are not above scrutiny for past actions any more than anyone else. Come at me all you want, but I will not back down. what you did was wrong, and this written response is horrible.”

And yet, Taylor has ignored the hate that has been coming her way. She has taken the criticism in her stride and has, by the sounds of it, taken action to address her faults. In a post on Instagram, she said: “I didn’t need anyone to call those things out to me to know they were wrong. I’ve been doing that work on my own for the last ten years, and it’s the same work I do today and the same work I will continue doing for the rest of my life. I’m sorry I wasn’t better then, but I am here now and will always be.”

It is important to note that The Bachelor has come under increasing scrutiny of late, and it could be utterly justified. Rachael Kirkconnell had been vilified after her controversial social media activity. This, in turn, created another saga between Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay which led to the former stepping down from his hosting duties, while the latter quit Instagram. And who could forget Hannah Brown’s use of the N-word?

We will have to see how the show will address these issues. If you enjoyed reading this article, then make sure you check out our other features on the Daily Soap Dish. Please also visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favourite daytime television soaps.

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