Abby Lee Miller Comes For Britney Spears!

You’re probably wondering why on earth Abby Lee Miller would ever think to come for the pop Princess, or why she’s even following her on instagram, but there are some mysteries in life we’ll never figure out. Anyway, Britney posts a lot on instagram, most of it is her simply doing dances, mostly spin moves.

That’s either a move that’s really easy for Britney or simply something she can’t get right so she wants to practice over and over again, or perhaps if she’s as mentally addled as they’ve implied she is, maybe it’s just a compulsion at this point, who knows? (Yes, I realize there is also the ‘fun’ component, but there’s little to no variation in these moves s I kind of wonder at this point.)

Abby Lee Miller comes for Britney Spears

Anyway, most recently she posted another video of her spining around on instagram, happy, carefree, dancing away. Suddenly, Abby Lee Miller in all her Dance Moms glory comes out of the comments yelling at Britney to “close your ribcage!” now, supposedly this is something that’s meant to help dancers in their form and to make it so that they don’t have any wasted effort in their routines.

The thing is a lot of Britney’s fans are agreeing with Abby as well, but they think that maybe she was a little harsh in her delivery.

It’s Abby Lee Miller, what on earth were they expecting from the Simon Cowel of dance? Now, I will agree when I say that maybe Britney wasn’t the best choice of critique for Miller, especially given her fragile emotional state, but compared to what she could have said in the comments, then an emphatic “close your ribcage” is downright supportive.

We’ve all seen Miller berate little kids to the point of tears, she may teach dance but she’d be just as at home in a military camp from what we used to see on Dance Moms. So while she probably should have chosen a stronger target, at least Britney can delete the comment and move on, I’d hate to have grown up learning dance under Abby Lee Miller, they might be good dancers but they are mentally scarred people. Whew. Stay tuned!!!

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