’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Tarik Myers Stuck On Minty and Not On Hazel?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan have previously tried to add a third member to their relationship in the past, she as a Thai girl who goes by the name of Minty. However, she and Hazel had a huge falling out which led to a break-up between all three of them.

Hazel wants nothing more to do with Minty and has previously freaked out when Tarik tried to contact Minty again once the pandemic started. In that sense, Tarik really didn’t mean any harm by it, he just wanted to see how Minty was doing during the pandemic and make sure that she hadn’t died or anything. Considering that they started off as friends that really isn’t much to be concerned about.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: But this is. 

So far they have had no luck finding a third party to be part of their relationship. You would think that that would be okay and that they could put this on hold for awhile while they planned their wedding and did other things to prepare for Hazel’s son, Harrey, to come over in the future.

But Hazel is insistent, she wants a girlfriend, like a sister and a best friend (with benefits, I’m assuming) to be with her when Tarik is not around because she’s lonely not being in her country among her friends. Okay, fair, I guess, but it’s kind of mystifying as to why this would take priority right now and not say, planning the wedding.

Hazel has made it clear that she wants a “brown girl”, I’m assuming this means someone of african american descent. Tarik has made it clear that he is pretty into Asian women.

Since they are having no luck finding a woman that either one can agree on (when they were searching through the dating app Tarik was quick to point out a lot of “super catfish” a term that I had never heard of until this episode), he floated the idea of contacting Minty again and seeing what she thought about what kind of girl would be good for them.

Hazel, who has previously gotten jealous over Tarik and Minty talking, because in the past Tarik has expressed more interest in Minty than he expressed in her, Hazel quickly shut that down. She made every excuse in the book not to talk about Minty.

She even interrupted Tarik at one point and asked, “Are you hungry? Then let’s eat.” and Tarik asked her if she was just going to continue to do that and she said “Sometimes.” I think Tarik needs to stop bringing Minty’s name into this and let go, if Hazel gets catfished then that’s on her. Stay tuned!!!

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