Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Under HUGE Fire for Mocking A Contestant’s Lisp!

Pat Sajak is known for his slightly condescending sense of humor, but he crossed the line on Monday when he mocked a contestant’s speech impediment.

During the micro interview, where Pat asks banal questions about a contestant’s family and work, the host spoke with contestant, Chris Brimble. Brimble talked about his job as a tech salesman with a what some call a ‘noticeable’ lisp. Pat nodded and, instead of saying “I see,” he mimicked Brimble’s lisp, saying, “I thee.”

This sparked quite the outrage on Twitter. It seems like not much doesn’t these days. Of course, because we live in a ‘cancel culture’, many called for Sajak’s instant resignation.

Host of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak Under Fire for Mocking A Contestant’s Lisp.

In a ‘pure coincidence’ (or perhaps a pre-emptive strike as Sajak knew the episode would air), Sajak had tweeted last week about those in glass houses not throwing stones.

Sajak or the Wheel of Fortune camp are yet to make a statement about Monday’s broadcast.

Sajak has hosted Wheel of Fortune for 35 years, only taking time off for a small stint after requiring emergency surgery on his intestine. During that time, “letter turner” and long-time onscreen partner of Sajak, Vanna White, performed the hosting duties. Even though there has also been a lot of support for Sajak online since Monday’s episode,  White might want to start practicing her mic skills again.

It has not been a good month for hosts, with disgraced Chris Harrison stepping aside from the The Bachelor, a show he has hosted for nearly two decades. Harrison announced his split from the popular franchise when an online call for action, after he appeared to defend a racist contestant, demanded he do so.

On the other end of the scale, Mike Richards, executive producer for Jeopardy has stepped into the hosting duties this week to much praise. It seems he has found his calling, but lets see how many decades he gets through before he gets ‘cancelled’, too.

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