‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ah, so it is a front

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers finds that Moriah was expressing her concerns about Max meeting her parents, she said something that I have always wondered about, but now have it fully confirmed. “What if he likes the front their putting up?” so, indeed, Kim and Barry’s behavior is a front for the cameras.

Not going to lie, I wondered about that too, what if Max fell for it and decided to take Kim and Barry’s side over Moriah’s. Now, realistically I don’t see that happening because Max doesn’t really strike me as the type to buy into the whole quiverfull movement doctrine, however just because of how one seems on the surface doesn’t mean that we see what’s bubbling underneath.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ah, so it is a front

That being said, for now Max seems really level-headed. Poor Moriah, though! She said that when she goes home she almost goes into a depression upon seeing her parents again. I don’t care what anyone says, home should be a safe haven for all children, they shouldn’t go into a depression at the thought of returning home to their parents.

That’s just sad! Kim and Barry really oughta be ashamed of themselves for making their kids feel like they didn’t have this safe port in the storm. I’m only hoping that the little Plaths don’t feel that way, and that they have learned their lesson not to hold onto the leash so tight because it’s only breaking the bonds that they do have with their kids.

Since this is a front, according to Moriah, you have to wonder just how crazy things get off-camera. Is that one of the things that will be showcased on Discovery+? Will we get a whole special on Plaths Gone Wild: Fundamentalist’s Day of Reckoning?

I mean, over in the 90 day fiance camp there’s already talk of them doing an upgraded version of the tell-all that means a new spin-off series, so why not with the Plaths as well? I would guess it would assume that that would all depend on what all the Plaths want filmed, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be interested if it did happen – because we would. Stay tuned!!!

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