‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: The Hope Doll Returns?

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers have found that the Hope Doll might not be gone for good; at least if Annika Noelle (Hope Logan) has anything to say about it.

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, Annika Noelle admitted to missing her alter ego. “That story was so fun!” the actress gushed. “It was a really nice change of pace to hang up the Hope hat for a second and get to play a sinister mannequin. It was an entirely different persona. It required a different voice and different movement.”

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: The Hope Doll Returns?

It wasn’t just flexing her acting muscles that Annika enjoyed about the controversial ‘Hope Doll’ storyline. “I grew very protective of her,” she said, of the mannequin built in her likeness. “I almost felt like a mother, like, ‘Watch out for her’!”

The look alike mannequins were brought on set when the show resumed filming after the pandemic hiatus shut down Hollywood. The purpose of the mannequins was to act as stand-ins for the actors when it was impossible to oblige by the two meter distancing rule that Covid safety regulations require. At that time creator, Bradley Bell hinted that one of the mannequins would get its own story line.

The Hope Doll plot, that saw Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) believe the doppelganger of the object-of-his-obsession was conversing with him, was designed to highlight mental illness. However, as things got…er…romantic(?) between Thomas and the piece of plastic, many fans panned the storyline as doing a better job at poking fun rather than illustrating the difficulties those will mental illness face.

It’s no real surprise Annika enjoyed the ‘Hope Doll’ saga, every actress needs a week or two off from portraying the mopiest doormat of a character on television. But did anyone else? No. No they did not.

So, sorry Annika, but as much as you might like to be back on screen with your far more devilish alter-ego, it doesn’t look like you have much support from your fans. Why don’t you get a little revenge on your cheating husband instead? That we will all stan!

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