‘Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’ Spoilers: Meredith Marks Says The Show Saved Her Marriage – RHOSLC

‘Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’ spoilers find that while there are a lot of people who end up pulling the plug on their marriage because of the show, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks says that the show had actually helped save her marriage.

In fact, the brunette beauty says things have never been better between her and her husband Seth, and she credits the Bravo series for that. Here’s what she has to say.

‘Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’ Spoilers: Meredith Marks Says The Show Saved Her Marriage

“I think had [the pandemic] happened six months prior, it would have ended in divorce,” she said. “But because we had gone through this whole process, both in our marital therapy and the process of ‘Housewives’ — which really forced us to communicate in ways that we really had just been avoiding and denying — we were at a place already by the time that COVID hit, where we were actually really communicating with each other well and understanding and respecting each other’s feelings, which had not been the case for years.”

What’s more, Meredith credits her therapist for getting them to reconnect. She said on the show that she and her husband Seth had disconnected a few times during their 25 year marriage.

“… Anyone I know who’s getting married, I have strongly encouraged them to go into therapy prior to getting married,” she added. “It was such a process for us learning how to communicate and respect one another’s feelings rather than criticize or get defensive or whatever.”

But if there’s one thing that Meredith says that she never wants to do – unlike plenty of other housewives in the past – is have a renewal ceremony in front of the cameras.

“That’s part of the reason we will not do a vow renewal. I’m not pushing my luck here,” she laughed. “If we ever decide to, it’s definitely not going to be on television. It will be very private.”

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