‘Married at First Sight’ (MAFS) Spoilers: Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus: Mutual Connection

On the hit Lifetime show, ‘Married at First Sight’ spoilers, find that it was very surprising that Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus hadn’t met before. Now that they are married, they seem to have a connection like no other. They have mutual friends and they are shocked that they never met in the Atlanta area before.

They were matched by the experts based on their interests and likes and it was funny to them that they actually were at a lot of the same concerts at the same time!

‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Q&A With Ryan and Clara

Ryan took the time to talk to Jamie Otis on her podcast, Married at First Sight: Unfiltered. He was asked, “What’s it like knowing you already have such similarities?” He told Jamie, “It makes it easy, you know? Like it’s just those added benefits of shared experiences that we can have together. There were maybe missed connections where she was here and I was there, and it was crazy because we had so many! We had so many!”

He continued, “No, the thing that was so wild about the wedding reception was that as well as Clara and I connected so early, so did everyone else, which was awesome. Like, our parents were just chatting it up. I walked over to their table to talk to them, and I felt rude interrupting the conversation that they were having because they were just connecting so well.” He said it was great how much they have in common and how many places they love together too.

Jamie told Ryan that their marriage sounds like it could be part of their destiny. Ryan told her, “I would say just building those memories. I’ve had a very cool life of experiences and doing these different things, but there’s always, like, that feeling of, ‘Hey, I would love to share these experiences and these things with someone else.'”

Clara is also very attracted to him and is ready to develop a deeper connection. She said, “He’s very handsome. He’s very cute. Like, y’all did good. He’s very charismatic, very charming, and very good looking.”

The couple is very excited about what the future holds for them. They may not be ready to take the next step, but they are working on learning more about one another and are ready to spend even more time with one another. We hope things continue to go well for them and we will see what happens next on Married at First Sight.

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