Framing Britney Documentary – On Britney Spears’ Mysterious2019 Disapperance

According to the new “Framing Britney” documentary, at the beginning of 2019,  Britney Spears was supposed to announce the beginning of her Domination residency and world tour in Vegas, but instead of announcing her residency and doing her performance like she was slated, she got up on the platform, greeted her audience, and just promptly walked back off surrounded by handlers.

People were wondering what was up because it was then that Britney’s social media went dark for almost a month, then suddenly she posted a meme on instagram saying that “everyone needs a little me time” followed by an emoticon – not an emoji, which Britney was previously pretty fond of. Her OG fans knew that this didn’t sound like Britney at all and were wondering what was up.

Framing Britney – On Britney’s 2019 disapperance

That’s when the Britney’s Gram podcast recieved an alarming voicemail by someone who claimed to be a former paralegal on her team stating that while the press had one story, the Britney had checked herself into a mental health facility of her own volition, the anonymous person claiming to formerly have been with her team said that this wasn’t Britney’s choice at all.

This is when the #FreeBritney movement started, and all the protests began, because as much as her family says that these people are a bunch of conspiracy theorists, everyone had that collective clench in their gut when Britney started posting again on her social media – something wasn’t right.

Especially when one considers the 2003 MTV documentary and how “with it” Britney seemed to be. She gave one clue during the documentary that was particularly disturbing, she said that when she would tell the people around her how she was feeling that they would only halfway listen to her, like they didn’t actually care how she was feeling they were just there to serve their purpose.

She didn’t come out and name names during the documentary, but then again, she probably wouldn’t. During that time she was also under increasing pressure from the paparrazzi as well, but that didn’t seem to be the main reason why she was sad. It doesn’t seem right that Britney shouldn’t get a confidante.

That’s still where we stand on all of this, something isn’t right about the amount of control that these people are exhibiting over this one girl is just not right. From her social media Britney seems a bit disconnected, which a lot of people say can be explained by medication changes but the fact of the matter is, what if she doesn’t actually need the medication?

What if this is a girl that is disillusioned with her life and in order to sedate her, she’s being medicated by an over-controlling parent who just wants her to work so that they can live in the lap of luxury for the rest of their days?

There’s more evidence to support Britney’s father having questionable motives, the fact that he was a former alcoholic, and the fact that up until 2008 he wasn’t that involved in her early career, only after she had become really successful did he take a vested interest in her career and then he did a lot of switching around of staff and people.

For instance her former chaperone and personal assistant, Felicia Cullotta, was not hired back as her assistant after the restructuring. Instead she was hired as a tour guide who gave backstage tours. She said she didn’t really know why this happened, but it seemed to be the beginning of Britney’s isolation.

Even with Britney’s Mom, Lynn Spears, on board now, nothing ever seems to change in the conservatorship. That’s what’s so strange about this. While I do think that Britney will be free again eventually, I think there may be a lot more to it and it may take a lot more time than we originally thought. Stay tuned!!!

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