Framing Britney: Adam Streisand Speaks Out About Britney Spears!

In the new FX/Hulu documentary Framing Britney, lawyer Adam Streisand had some interesting things to say about the conservatorship of Britney Spears and what he truly thinks of her mental state. In the documentary he stated that right before the conservatorship took place, the family asked him to speak to Britney and tell her all about the conservatorship.

Britney seemed to be okay with it, except for one thing, she said from the get-go that she did not want her Dad, Jamie Sears, involved. From the get-go, she said she wanted a professional company involved overseeing her finances.

Framing Britney – Adam Streisand speaks out about Britney

I don’t think this is the statement of someone who “is like a coma patient” according to court-appointed lawyer Sam Ingham, and Streisand doesn’t either. Streisand said that he thought, when he spoke to Britney that she was perfectly capable of keeping him on as council, but that Ingham was appointed anyway, by that time it was beyond his control.

So why would the family rely on a court-appointed attorney rather than give Britney control of her own legal council? Interesting concept here, conservatorships, especially conservatorships over estates are done when the family feels that a person could easily be swindled out of their money. Like, they were afraid that she was going to start giving her money away due to bad influence.

The thing is, to who, exactly? 

One of the culprits could be Sam Lufti, who was involved with Britney at the time of her mental health crisis but Lufti is long gone from the picture. Even so, there are ways that only his access could be barred if they’re so afraid of him.

Britney seems to have moved on for the most part. The saddest thing is she seems to be keeping the facade of this conservatorship in order to keep visitation rights to her kids. Probably the only reason why she’s not fighting harder by herself at this point, is the fact that she’s trying to keep access to her two sons, which any Mom can understand.

When her boys are both of legal age, I think we may see Britney eventually break free of her conservatorship. She’s trying now, but I think once her children no longer have the potential to be kept away from her, which, in the case of her oldest son is only a few years from now, we’ll see more than all of these half-baked legal battles

Right now they can argue about her child’s best interest, but once her kids turn 18 – watch out. Britney’ll be free again. Mark my words. Stay tuned!!!

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