’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: What Happened Between Hazel Cagalitan and Tarik Myers?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Hazel Cagalitan has been in the United States for 3 days at the time of this filming and, as to be expected, US living is still quite an adjustment to her. Fiance Tarik Myers invited some of his friends over to get acquainted with his new fiance, and I really admire that about him.

Tarik is actively trying to set up a community for Hazel so that she can have other people to turn to when he’s out doing his daily thing, like working, and that’s admirable. That’s the way things should be when you’re actively trying to incorporate someone into your life. You surround them with your own community first and give them opportunities to branch out. (Perhaps Mike Youngquist shoudl take notes.)

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Poor Hazel

They were telling her entertaining stories of who Tarik was back in the day, one of his older, female friends said that he had the apartment above hers and according to her, she said she never thought he would ever get married, if that’s any indication as to how many women he had over in the past.

Then topic shifted to her son, Tarik said that he was going to have to do the same K-91 Visa process to get her son over here in about a year, which is good, at least Hazel won’t have to go without her son for very long, but it didn’t take long for the tears to start flowing on Hazel’s end.

Any Mom can understand, being separated from your child is painful, as it is Hazel only sees her little boy about once a week because he normally lives with his Dad and StepMom back in the Phillipines, so when asked about her son she eventually had to turn away and just say, “I don’t want to cry.”

Tarik’s trying to be sensitive to her needs and give her everything that she needs to feel comfortable and trust him, but the thing is, he still hasn’t told her about texting Minty! Now, seeing as it was just basically a welfare check I don’t think that she’ll be that upset.

She could be, but it was a pandemic and he was just checking to see if the girl was okay, or at least that’s what it sounded like from his initial recount of the story, unless there was something more in there that he wasn’t telling us.

He says he doesn’t want to tell Hazel yet for fear of overwhelming her… I hope he doesn’t wait too long though, that’s quite a bomb to drop, although in a way I can’t really blame Tarik for waiting a little bit, it’s only been 3 days. How will Hazel react? Stay tuned!!!

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