‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Barry Plath and Isaac’s awkward visit

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers tells that how to even describe what went down at Moriah’s fitness class? I mean, I get that Moriah’s only 17, and you’re bound to be embarrassed by your parents at least once in your life, but, honestly I think Barry Plath went out of his way to embarrass his daughter, and he brought Isaac along for the ride. Honestly, I have seen less embarrassing Dads on Disney Kid-Coms than the stunt Barry pulled.

He could have walked in there, cool as a cucumber, and had him and Isaac do their thing and waited until Moriah was done teaching her class, but he literally had to go in there and break her concentration by trying to flag her down.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Barry and Isaac’s awkward visit

Seriously, after what the family has put her through, what is that actually going to accomplish? If he had waited until Moriah had finished her class like a normal person, that would have been perfectly acceptable, but no, he had to walk up and start waving like a complete ninny.

As for poor Isaac, you could tell that he was just along for the ride and didn’t really want to be there. He had no interest in Yoga, at all, and even said that he couldn’t do it because he wasn’t flexible enough (that’s okay buddy, me too!), so when he walked in he felt so out of place and didn’t really want to be along for Barry’s creepy little game of “Here’s Daddy”.

Moriah said she was hurt that Isaac didn’t join her class, but Isaac really didn’t want to intrude, I think he could sense that Barry was there because of the wrong reasons. That was probably why he didn’t join in.

Barry’s stunt kind of amazed me though, I could kind of see Kim pulling something like this, but not Barry. Barry always struck me as the kind not to bug the kids, but it looks like he may be worse than Kim on that front.

What purpose did he actually have for breaking Moriah’s concentration aside from doing just that, breaking Moriah’s concentration and reminding her that she should be home. He did point out that she was taking a very different path to Hosanna and Lydia and that it wasn’t the path that they wanted her to take.

He made sure to stick that little jab in there. I get that he wants to maintain contact with both Micah and Moriah, but I’m not sure that this is the way to do it. Stay tuned!!!

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