Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: The truth’s about to hurt




Univision Vencer el desamor spoilers for January 8th reveal it’s going to be quite a night for this family. We saw a couple of hints of what’s to come in Thursday’s episode and they pay off tonight. Let’s talk about what’s ahead, plus catch you up on a couple of things.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Update

First, let’s talk the ugly scene. Poor Dafne Falcón Miranda vda. de Ibarra (Julia Urbini) was completely blindsided by the reveal and wasn’t happy about Romina Inunza (Alejandra García) choosing to spill it all right in front of her kids.

Of course, Bárbara Albarrán vda. de Falcón (Daniela Romo) had no such problems and it’s making her hate Dafne even more. To Josefina Miranda’s (Lourdes Reyes) credit, she stood up for her daughter, and we think that will be great for their relationship later.

However, Bárbara’s a stubborn woman. She doesn’t want her son anywhere near Dafne and doesn’t even want Dafne in the house.

Of course, Gael Falcón Albarrán (Emmanuel Palomares) took a stand. He pointed out that, despite her not being a blood relation, Joaquín Falcón Ruiz (José Elías Moreno) still gave her the family name and put her in the will. There’s nothing Bárbara can really do. However, Dafne did have a few doubts about her future in that house. It’s getting pretty awkward.

In fact, Vencer el desamor spoilers indicate the only ones who aren’t totally judging are Ariadna López Hernández (Claudia Álvarez) and Álvaro Falcón Albarrán (David Zepeda).

Well, at least after Álvaro learned Dafne isn’t, in fact, their half-sister. His initial reaction was awesome and totally understandable. We figure they don’t see much room to judge now, though.

They’ve gotten very close, even if they’re both keeping things in check. They know a relationship other than friendship would be nothing but trouble if Bárbara or Eduardo Falcón Albarrán (Juan Diego Covarrubias) find out.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Unexpected reunion

In other Vencer el desamor spoilers, Bárbara decides to leave after finding herself at the same church with Guadalupe Guajardo (Ariane Pellicer), Gael’s biological mother. Later on, Ariadna will help Bárbara to go seek out Lupe. They’ll end up searching everywhere until they manage locate her home.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Business and pleasure don’t mix

Elsewhere, Romina continues to be her unbalanced self. Well, okay, we can sort of understand. She was used by Gael. He’d decided to get involved with her to forget Dafne.

However, we think she’s going a little far this time. After the humiliating scene she created in front of Bárbara—and with the kids present—she has one more thing in store.

She had demanded Gael’s resignation near the end of the latest episode. Tonight, she’ll continue with her demand. If he refuses, she’ll find a way to get him fired. And this is why you don’t get mixed up with co-workers. Especially when it’s basically a farse and the other doesn’t know it.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Answers

Finally, Gael decides to look for Barbara tonight. Instead, he’ll find Padre Antero (Carlos Bonavides), who’ll confuse him with Rommel Guajardo (Palomares) again. He’ll insist Padre Antero has the wrong person, and he’s Bárbara’s son.

Of course, no one can keep their mouths shut in the soap/novela world. So, he’ll tell the whole story. This sends Gael on a search for the truth. Get ready, because it sounds like things will get ugly soon. And we won’t blame Gael for being upset.

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