Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Gifts, disapproval, and having enough




Univision Vencer el desamor spoilers for January 28th reveal Bárbara Albarrán vda. de Falcón (Daniela Romo) is in a sad state tonight, even as she recently got Gael Falcón Albarrán (Emmanuel Palomares) back.

Elsewhere, she’ll likely be a problem for him and Dafne Falcón Miranda vda. de Ibarra (Julia Urbini), while Álvaro Falcón Albarrán (David Zepeda) has relationship problems of his own.

Plus, we’ll check in with Eduardo Falcón Albarrán (Juan Diego Covarrubias) and his situation. Let’s see what the teasers say.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Paranoia

First, Vencer el desamor spoilers indicate Bárbara continues to worry about the identity and whereabouts of Calixto Borjórquez (Tizoc Arroyo). On Wednesday night, she found out it’s not just Calixto she has to worry about.

Rommel Guajardo (Palomares) had told his twin about this guy before taking Gael’s place. It seems he’s someone Rommel met in la carcel, and Gael warned Bárbara Calixto definitely has an accomplice.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Here we go again

Elsewhere, Gael and Dafne are happy to be safe and sound after what happened, and get a visit from their friends at the agency. Surprisingly, Romina Inunza (Alejandra García) offers Gael the chance to work there again.

We assume this is all about the danger they all dealt with together and realizing they can’t hold grudges. We see Gael possibly taking the job, and we think Dafne will be okay with it. Of course, Bárbara still doesn’t agree with the relationship.

We’re thinking she might keep it more to herself now, as she just got Gael’s forgiveness and he could’ve died. So, she shouldn’t want to risk getting on his bad side again. Even so, this is Bárbara. So she’ll probably drop at least a couple of comments here and there.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: No, she didn’t

In other Vencer el desamor spoilers, Álvaro is given a car by Olga Collado (Altair Jarabo). Ariadna López Hernández (Claudia Álvarez) will be dying of jealousy and it’s likely because of that.

However, she must not show it much, because Álvaro is worried about her indifference. She won’t have much of a reason to worry. Even though Olga will try to kiss him while they’re working, he’ll reject her advances.

And we applaud him. We can’t with how several characters think they can cheat on someone, become miserable with their new love and be all repentant about it. We can think of at least two characters that need to suck it up and move on, and Olga is one of them.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Having enough

So, who’s the other? Eduardo, of course. It seems he can’t stand Linda Brown (Isabella Camil) anymore, because of her constant jealous fits. Gee, who could have seen that coming? He’s so heading back to Mexico to beg Ariadna to take his pathetic self back.

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