‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Lauren Bushnell Pregnancy Update With Chris Lane

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that Lauren Bushnell was a fan favorite when she was on the Bachelor and it has been tough for her to have a child with her husband, Chris Lane.

In fact, they struggled for many years and now they are finally pregnant! She told her fans that she “prayed every day for months” to get pregnant and then it happened! The 30-year old wanted to share more of her story and took to social media to do so.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Journey to Baby

Lauren created a post called “Journey to Baby” and in it she admitted that she “had this worry that I would be unable to have children.” The couple got married in October of 2019 and that is when she stopped taking birth control all together.

“We weren’t actively trying but we definitely were excited about the idea of getting pregnant. Most of my friends who have children seemed to get pregnant the day they stopped taking the pill and without much thought. I spent so much of my life thinking that was the way getting pregnant worked, but also simultaneously had this fear that it wouldn’t work that way for me… does this make any sense? Anxiety is weird.”

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Lauren Bushnell And Pregnancy

She continued, “After four to five months of trying, worry started to enter my mind, not quite understanding why I wasn’t pregnant. I couldn’t help but compare my situation with those of my friends who it happened very easily for, a lot of the time unplanned.

Mentally, this was a really hard part of the journey… I assumed there was something wrong with me. Chris would see how disappointed and worried I would get and I could tell he felt really bad.”

After seeing many doctors and specialists, the couple started some different techniques and had a lot of tests done. They even began to use ovulation strips.

Lauren told fans, “It took a couple of months of doing these two things, but I think what really helped was getting answers in those two months of ‘yes, you are ovulating, and yes, your progesterone is where it needs to be.’ That confirmation calmed my mind, stress, and worry and it allowed me to let go.”

After trying for so long, the couple found out that they were finally pregnant. “I had a weird feeling that I was pregnant. At the same time, I was very mistrusting of this sudden ‘gut feeling’ because at that point I had taken 200 pregnancy tests within six months with no positive test.”

She said she was shocked when she finally was pregnant and at the same time incredibly excited. She was able to let go of all of the anxiety that she had before and just go with it.

Lauren feels that the pregnancy is a miracle and she is looking forward to the day when the baby comes to them.

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