Youtuber Logan Paul Reacts To Tasting The Mr Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) Burger


Everyone is talking about Logan Paul. And no it is not about his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather but rather his choice of burgers.

Yes, that is right. The Youtuber recently tried the “MrBeast Burger” from none other than Mr Beast (Jimmy Donaldson). So what attracted Logan to the burger?

Was it the juicy beef or the wonderful flavour combinations? No, it was rather quite simple actually. Mr Beast sent it to Mike Majlak, fellow Youtuber and co-host on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, in exchange for a review.

And hey presto, Logan happened to be in the area. What a lucky man and just in time as the delivery arrived. The burgers came in a uniquely customed Mr Beast van and handed over by his team in two brown paper bags. Mike swiftly took the burgers in and asked Logan, who had just finished a gym work out, to try them.

Did Logan hesitate considering he had just had a workout? No. So what was inside? Three different burgers: Beast style, Chandler style and Chris style, all named after Mr Beast’s entourage.

So how did the burger go down? Rather well actually. On trying the first one, The Beast Style Burger, Logan’s first words were, “Aesthetically they look fantastic. Look at how greasy and sloppy its looks. Just the way I like a burger.”

As for the taste, “He’s onto something here. That’s incredible.” So what was the overall verdict? For Logan “8.5 out of 10” and for Mike, slightly less with an “8 out of 10.” Two solid scores for two solid Youtubers.

Before you ask whether Logan tried the rest, unfortunately, he did not but just as well given his upcoming bout with Floyd. After all, as much as we love Mr Beast, the burger probably will not do any good for Logan’s physique.

The two then marvelled at how Mr Beast had gone from creating a video where he repeated Logan’s name 100,000 times to now making “world-class burgers.” In true Youtuber style, Mike responded at how Logan had gone from aiming to get to the Olympics to now fighting Floyd.

But before they had anything further to say, Logan dashed and continued his workout leaving behind two rather luscious meals for Mike to deal with.

If you liked what you have read, or would like to find out more about the wonderful burger experience, then check out the full video below.

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