Kim Zolciak Has Started Drinking Again Amid Stress Caused By Her Daughter’s Positive Covid Test

Kim Zolciak has come out and said that she has returned to drinking again in light of the stress she has experienced following her daughter’s (Brielle Biermann) positive coronavirus test.

Kim Zolciak Has Started Drinking Again Amid Stress Caused By Her Daughter’s Positive Covid Test

The former star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta spoke candidly to her fans. She made the following comments on Instagram: “I really haven’t been drinking my wine, which you guys know that I love my wine. With Brielle having COVID, that’s had me very stressed too. But I was just like, you know what? Wine during this quarantine, it’s like, wine for lunch, have a glass for dinner. So, anyway, I guess tonight I’m drinking wine. Who’s with me?

But before her fans went into a hysteria of worry, Brielle revealed that although she had covid, things started to look better. She told her fans on Instagram: “I’ve been beyond bored, for real. “I’ve had COVID (still recovering but I’m doing good today!!).”

It has been a rough few moments for Kim and not just with her daughter’s positive test. It was only last November that her son Kash had reconstructive surgery following injuries he had sustained from a dog bite. Kim then opened up to her followers on Instagram by telling them how proud she was of her son:

“Kash is such a trooper the toughest, bravest little boy I have ever met. “We knew the night of the bite/surgery that he most likely would need another surgery in the future to correct the injury. It was pretty severe, and due to the severity of the swelling that night, our plastic surgeon Dr Joseph Williams (the best) did the very best he could.”

Despite the bravery of her son, Kim did admit that the family “had a rough couple of days.” So how did the star make her son feel better? Well, by reaching out to none other than UFC superstar Connor McGregor who happens to be her son’s favourite fighter.

And Connor did not disappoint as he left a personal message on Instagram for Kash: “I heard you had a match with a dog and you won. So congratulations on that victory.” Naturally, Kim got emotional who said:” Conor’s video had me in tears I could barely speak.”

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