Joe Rogan Speaks About “World Carnivore Diet” Month And The Great Effects Of The Diet

Joe Rogan is going for round two of World Carnivore Diet month this January. After partaking in it last year he was really impressed by the side effects of eating meat for a month straight. According to his experience, the worst part was the diarrhea the first few weeks. Lovely, right?

However, once your body adjusts to the diet, he lost 12 pounds and gained a lot of energy. He made the announcement he’ll be taking part in it again today when he posted some tasty looking red meat on a new cutting board from Neanderthal Fire Company.

Take a look at his caption below and use the link to view the full post.

January is “world carnivore diet” month. I did it last year, lost 12 pounds and really felt great (other than having ruthlessly explosive diarrhea for the first couple weeks), so I’m gonna give it a go again this year.
It really did have a remarkable affect on my energy levels, so I’m curious if I get that same response this time around.
Thanks to @neanderthal_fire_company for the dope cutting board.”

See the full post here.

Joe Rogan Speaks About “World Carnivore Diet” Month And The Great Effects Of The Diet

Viewers commented on his post, writing, “I have yet to try it, didn’t realize this was a national event. Now I’m questioning if I should try it myself.”, “My favorite diet!”, “You had me until the ‘explosive diarrhea’ part.”, “That looks unbelievable” and “you are in the proper state to do this now”.

Rogan has tried numerous “diets” and fads just to see their effects and after his good experience last year, he’s doing it again. Many fans do these diets with him, as well as Sober October. He’s mentioned that while his friends won’t do it with him anymore, he still does it because there are a ton of viewers and fans that follow along with him.

Do you think you’ll try the carnivore diet or have you before? What was your reaction if trying it. It definitely looks like something I would try.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Joe Rogan? Let us know in the comments below.

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