Elon Musk owes Jamie Lynn Spears a cat or two

Tesla need a new warning label, and that is the fact that they are so silent that animals cannot hear them approaching! At least that’s what Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of popstar Britney Spears and former star of the Nickelodeon kidcom Zoey 101 alleges.

She said that thanks to Musk’s electric card she has lost countless cats to the electric cars in her neighborhood. She also alleges that making cars this silent is illegal and as it turns out, her claims might have some validity!

Elon Musk owes Jamie Lynn Spears a cat or two

Apparently it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle that cannot be heard approaching for the sake of visually impaired pedestrians. They at least have to have some audible warning of an oncoming vehicle. This would also probably extend to their service animal.

Now, we’re willing to bet that none of Jamie Lynn’s cats were service animals but that did not mean that they weren’t valued members of the family. And before anyone rags on her for letting her cat roam outside, cats have been doing it for the duration of the time that motor vehicles have been on the road, also some cats are just escape artists.

Now, for the most part Teslas have very quiet engines but due to a law that took effect in September of 2020, drivers are required that their cars have at least some sort of noise to alert pedestrians when operational. This law was enacted in 2019 in Europe.

Okay so some drivers haven’t upgraded their sound system yet to play their sound of choice when driving. It’s not just teslas that offer this, other electric car makers are starting to offer choice in sounds as well. So if you wanted to you could program your car to play the theme from Bonanza as you go about your daily errands.

Seriously though, since Teslas have choice in sound programming there is absolutely no excuse for Jamie Lynn Spears cats getting run over. Sounds like Elon Musk needs to at least send a gift basket and maybe foot the bill for Jamie Lynn and fam to adopt a new furry friend – or several – quarantine calls for lots and lots if purr therapy.

Maybe it’ll tale her mind off of keeping her poor sister locked away, I mean, if she became a cat lady she would at least be spending Britney’s fortune responsibly. Save a life (or nine for that matter!), adopt a cat, Elon! Stay tuned!!!

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