’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers: Julia Trubkina’s giving it the old college try, for one month!

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers find that no one prepared Julia Trubkina for what she was about to have to do on the Gibb Farm. Poor Julia, she was quick to say about the farm chores that she is a dancer and a designer, not a farm girl, and she prefers a nice, clean workspace.

When she asked about what she was going to do about going to the store, they proposed that they get her a bicycle and that she ride a bike an hour each way. Um, what? Do they not realize where she just came from?

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers: Julia’s giving it the old college try, for one month

She might have come from Russia but the part where she was from seemed to be pretty industrialized. She said that where she was from it only took her a few minutes to get to the store so going to the store on a bike that involves an hour trip each way?

It’s a good thing she’s good good endurance and is a dancer because that would kill even the strongest of people. I really don’t know why they seem to expect more out of her than they would your average US girl, because I have a feeling they wouldn’t be forcing farm chores and separate beds on someone from the US, or maybe draw the line at separate beds.

I think Brandon Gibbs played both sides and led his Mom and Dad to believe that they would be getting extra ‘hired help’ on the farm when Julia came to the live with them, and also lied to Julia as well because he didn’t warn her at all about what farm life was actually like.

I felt sorry for her when they set her loose in the hog pen because those pigs looked intimidating, maybe not a intimidating as a standard-sized pig (after all, they looked to be the vietnames pot-bellied variety) but still intimidating for a girl who had previously never been involved with livestock before.

Even the kitten, who actually seems to belong to the neighbor lady, didn’t seem to impress Julia. She says she loves animals and likes to pet them and walk with them but she doesn’t really like to take care of animals, she’s not really labor intensive like that.

It’s understandable, she’s young and she may or may not have had pets before, let alone farm animals. Still, someone’s heaven is always someone else’s hell. Julia has agreed to try this lifestyle out for one month, and if she doesn’t like it she says that she’s going to tell Brandon that they need to leave. Will they though? Stay tuned!!!

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