‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: What Does Moriah Plath’s Boyfriend Max Think of the Family?

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers finds that Max said that he wanted to meet Moriah’s family. I dont think Max realized just what type of crazy he signed on for.

It’s clear from Max saying that he hoped that ending up with Moriah in the future was ‘in God’s plan’ meant that he came from a religious upbringing himself, which, I kind of wondered about. However, I don’t know if he’s ready for the sheer level of Christian Legalism that he’s in for when he enters the Plath household.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Max wants to meet the family

Moriah says that the very idea of him meeting her family scares her (You aren’t the only one, dear!), and that means that it should ‘probably happen’, Moriah seems to be one hell of an adrenaline junkie in that regard because if my family were that level of Bible Thumper, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable introducing anyone I dated to them.

Granted, the Plaths really don’t seem like the bible-thumping type, however they do seem like the narcissistic, passive-aggressive, wait until you’ve gone home to make fun of you type, which is what Moriah probably knows.

Also, Moriah just left what has been termed the quiverfull ‘cult’, if she introduces someone to her family, then there is a chance that the Plath parents may try to speed things up and get her married off before she’s ready, and being married before you are ready can only cause problems.

Ethan and Olivia have already almost divorced in their brief two years together so I don’t think that Moriah wants to repeat their mistake. Also, Barry has seemed oddly… controlling of Moriah, showing up at her work, and Kim seems to want any excuse to get her back to the fold.

Max, you may want to sit this one out. Be friends with Moriah, yes, but don’t start dating until way later, and maybe go off to Vegas and get married. You can have a big ceremony later! Just don’t let the Plaths dictate your relationship. I’m afraid Max and Moriah will give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Yike!! Stay tuned!!!

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