‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Max Expected Too Much, Too Soon With Moriah Plath!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers finds Max knew how to deal with Moriah’s way of living life. He said himself that whenever there was a problem in his family that they addressed it head-on, but we can all tell from the passive-aggressive ways that the Plaths put forth that that was just not the way that they did things in that household.

I’m not even sure I get how they did things in that household, but Ethan gave us a little clue when he said that none of the kids were given an emotional toolset in which to handle relationship problems, so there’s that.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Max expected too much, too soon

Max, coming from a different sort of family who obviously thought that their kids should be taught to play well with others who weren’t their own family, did things differently. They confronted problems instead of letting them linger or sweeping them under the rug and not dealing with any emotional baggage.

That’s the right way of dealing with things, however, I honestly think that Max expected way too much out of Moriah way too soon. Moriah is just learning to live by herself, she’s just left her childhood home and there’s some obvious trauma there. She hasn’t dealt with all of her feelings concerning her departure, so I seriously don’t know what Max was expecting.

Moriah needs time to adjust, and while Max is a good guy, maybe she doesn’t need a relationship right now. Maybe she just needs to learn how to be Moriah first, without the added baggage of someone having expectations of her.

She just left her family’s strict expectations of her, I’m thinking that above all else, Moriah needs a friend right now, a friend that doesn’t mind if she’s not present all the time, or if she’s doing something else while she’s talking on the phone. As a multi-tasker myself I often do other things while I’m talking on the phone with people, so, Max needs to chill on that front.

Hopefully, someday soon, Moriah will find a best friend who doesn’t judge her and who appreciates her just for being Moriah, and for blossoming into the girl that she is. I would love to see that. Stay tuned!!!

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