‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Is Moriah Plath Gonna Get That First Kiss From Max?

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers Even reveal that Max and Moriah are growing closer. Sometimes that happens, when you take the pressure off and things are more relaxed, things just happen between a couple.

In next weeks’ preview she’s teaching him how to dance and in doing so it looks like they’re getting awfully cozy. Moriah even says that “this isn’t friends” and wondering if they’re just denying something that’s so obvious.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Will Moriah get that first kiss?

Honestly, it made me smile a little to see them having so much fun together, even though, yes, Moriah’s assumptions are right on the money and it’s clear to see that they are denying that thing between them. But hey, the saying is absence makes the heart grow fonder.

She also said something interesting, she said that while she and Max were together, they never really kissed. Being from the culture that she’s from, that isn’t that surprising. In this culture it’s common not to even kiss until your wedding day and not to hold hands until you’re engaged.

So it’s not surprising that she and Max didn’t kiss yet, and frankly, I’m a little relieved that Moriah is taking the physical stuff slow because she’s young and there’s time for that. Also, you want all of the romantic firsts to be positive experiences, no one wants Moriah to have a bad or awkward experience when it comes to love.

However, there comes a time in every girl’s life when she just wants to have the boy she likes gaze deep into her eyes, pull her to him, and lay one on her. That’s what Moriah’s after, and you know what? She deserves it. She deserves a good first kiss! It’s age-appropriate and really sweet.

Now, the question is, will Max take the chance or will he hold off? I know they’re real people and it’s weird to ship real people, but I can say with 100% honest that I’m rooting for these two. Even if they’re not endgame, I’m hoping that they do end up dating.

Besides, Moriah already trusts him and seriously, what harm could a little kissing do? Okay maybe that’s the wrong question to ask, but I think that the majority of us are hoping that Moriah does get that fairy tale first kiss soon. Stay tuned!!!

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