TLC ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Moriah Plath Sweats Bullets With Kim and Barry

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers says that Max actually may have passed initial Plath inspection. That can only be a good thing because halfway through their gaming session with Isaac on his flight simulator Moriah realized that Max was no longer in the room with them and that he had wandered off to talk to Kim and Barry – alone.

That sent Moriah into a panic and back into the living room as fast as her legs could carry her to fend off any attack from Mom and Dad, because she knew what was coming, and from the looks on Kim and Barry’s face – especially Barry’s – so did we all.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Moriah sweats bullets

You could tell that they wanted to really nail this boy down and interrogate him about his beliefs and just what on earth he was actually doing with their daughter but I think, for the most part, they stopped because cameras were rolling.

Aside from a few tense moments in the beginning where Max drank an entire glass of water whole, I think he handled their interrogation tactics well. You could tell that he was kind of used to handling girls parents, it wasn’t his first go around, so instead of getting the fear reaction that they wanted out of him, Max was just his natural, easygoing self, and by jove – I think it may just have worked.

Kim and Barry saw that someone wasn’t going to be easily intimidated by them so they evened out a bit and weren’t as harsh on him as they had originally intended on being. Even though you could tell they wanted to be, you could really tell they wanted to be.

Kim said that she was glad that Moriah wanted to share some of her life with them and even said she was glad that she came over and brought Max. I’m glad she wasn’t rude, but again, I suspect that is because cameras were rolling.

What I would not have given to hear what Kim and Barry said afterwards after the cameras stopped rolling when they were just talking amongst themselves. The little kids could probably tell some tales, Lydia could probably tell some tales, but no one’s talking. I’d love to hear someone’s tell all one day. But for now, it seems that the worst is over, Max has met the family, and he now gets where Moriah is coming from.

He said it was an ‘interesting’ experience, and even asked if Moriah was okay afterwards. How sweet!!! We hope for the best for these two, they make a sweet couple, even if it is just friendship for now. Stay tuned!!!

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