TLC ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know About Ethan Plath

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers reveal  that TLC upload the video profiles of the Plath family onto the TLC app, we finally get to know the full story of sweet, unassuming Ethan Plath in his own words.

A lot of the fanbase were under the impression that Ethan was just a dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks country boy from Georgia, but once you actually sit him down and get him to talking, you’ll find that Ethan is not all that dumb, just extremely easy-going and kind of naive.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Introducing- Ethan Plath

There was a lot of things that, as a kid growing up, he was forbidden to do or that his parents just didn’t tell him about, so it’s not really a lack of intelligence on his part as to why he’s like that, it’s just simply the way he was brought up.

He says that when he was growing up he often felt rather lonely and isolated because he wasn’t allowed to interact with other kids his own age. Rather, his siblings were almost the only children he ever got to interact with.

This is alarming and pretty sad. It says a lot for how much Mama and Papa Plath distrusted the world at large.  He says that out of all his siblings that his favorite one to hang out with is his younger brother, Isaac. If you recall, this is the same brother that Mama and Papa Plath said no to him hanging out with Ethan while they were by themselves. Wife Olivia believes that this is unfair and I think the fanbase largely agrees.

He recounted all of the home movies that they made when they were children. Apparently there were home movies of the girls floating around making home movies but i didn’t realize that Ethan had made anything, apparently this was what he and Isaac used to do together. It’s sad that Kim and Barry are so afraid of the outside world that they won’t even allow Ethan to come over and hang out with his little brother anymore.

Of his homeschooling years, Ethan says that they were encouraged to focus on the things they were good at and give it their all. Ethan found at a very young age that he was fond of fixing things. He said he started small with his Dad’s old alarm clock at 5 years old, and then slowly progressed onto kitchen gadgets. Finally he graduated onto cars and it’s been a thing with him ever since.

He says the moment he saw Olivia he was completely smitten and that he lost his appetite for two weeks. He also says that he didn’t blame her for not liking him at first because he was a self-admitted annoying 16 year old who thought he was the funniest thing since the invention of knock-knock jokes. He says he was so overboard that he unintentionally pushed her away, but after a couple of years of being apart and growing up a little bit they started writing letters to each other.

They started dating at 18 and got married when they were 20. They showed their wedding, but he says that with the wedding that was the beginning of him spreading his wings and getting away from the conservative values that he had grown up with.

He said that before he and Olivia have kids that they want to do things first, to travel and see a little more of the world and have some life experiences before they settle down and ultimately have kids. He said that they planned to have around four, which is still a good number, but not as many as say, 10.

Four kids, while still considered a large family, is pretty doable. He also says that their goal is to move a little further north away from his parents. Will we see that on Season 2 of Plathville? We shall see. Stay tuned!!!

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