Joe Rogan Teams Up With Kill Cliff To Release New CBD Energy Drink

Joe Rogan has teamed up with Kill Cliff to release a new energy drink that features a flaming pineapple taste and loaded with CBD. The drink goes on sale tomorrow and he explains that they’ve worked on the product for months and finally nailed it.

The drink is pineapple with jalapeno! It also contains 25 milligrams of CBD per can. Take a look at his caption below and use the link to see the full post.

I’ve teamed up with @killcliff to release a flaming pineapple CBD energy drink that goes on sale tomorrow. We worked on this motherfucker for months to get it right, and they nailed it! Pineapple and jalapeño! 25 milligrams of CBD per can!”

See the full post here.

Joe Rogan Teams Up With Kill Cliff To Release New CBD Energy Drink

Some of Rogan’s friends were the first to comment in hilarious fashion. Cameron Hanes wrote, “Must Be Nice to have your own energy drink. Bunch of bulls^$t 😊”. Meanwhile, Andy Stumpf said, “I hope there is at least 50 percent vodka in that f%$king glass”.

The product comes in a bright yellow and black can and the liquid itself is a bright yellow. Surely, it would be good with some alcohol, but if you’re just looking for something with a little CBD in it and maybe with some pain or anxiety, this could be a good pickup for you.

What do you think? Are you a Joe Rogan fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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