Youtuber Jeffree Star Gives Away Free Money!

Earlier tonight on Twitter, Jeffree Star tweeted for people to drop their cash app in his comments because he was going to choose some lucky people to give $1000 to. Sort of a reverse Black Friday sale if you will, instead of Jeffree profiting he decided that for once he was going to give the power to his fans and let them have a little bit of those millions to go around.

You know, considering all the drama and controversy surrounding him in the past few months, that’s a really nice thing to do.

Youtube – Jeffree Star shares the wealth

Especially since a lot of people have been laid off and are facing either homelessness or some other potentially catastrophic thing due to COVID and no one being able to work. In spite of being mostly problematic this year, this is one time in which I kind of stan Jeffree and think he has the right idea.

These youtube and tiktok personalities can literally make content from their home for thousands of dollars, but regular people and especially essential workers can’t. They have to be on the front lines daily, risking their health and going to work every day so that our hospitals, restaraunts, grocery stores, and other essential operations are maintained and we can manage to have somewhat of a normal life.

Come to think of it, a lot of online influencers could stand to do this and still come out on top. Tana Mongeau, as problematic as she is has tried to do it, even tried to make sure thT people could file for help under a website that she was promoting but due to it being badly orchestrated people didn’t really end up getting the help that they needed through that website.

But I think Jeffree has the right idea, it’s more personal and a little more easy to keep track of rather than running a huge website where the charity isn’t accessoble in all parts of the US.

So, who will the lucky people be? We’re not sure yet but I sure hope that when they get the dough they come forward. It’ll be interesting to see how the people that Jeffeee has helped are impacted. Stay tuned!!!

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