Social Media Fans Left Shocked Over Ellen DeGeneres’ People’s Choice Awards Win

Many social media fans were left shocked to see that Ellen DeGeneres not only won E!’s People’s Choice Award this year but that she also thanked her staff for the win, despite having a very controversial year.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show brought home the award even though allegations have been made of a toxic workplace environment and sexual misconduct allegations among the show’s producers.

Ellen appeared in person for the hybrid ceremony this weekend. When she took the stage, she directly thanked her staff and the public for sticking by her side, despite all of the negative headlines that she made this year.

Social Media Fans Left Shocked Over Ellen DeGeneres’ People’s Choice Awards Win

She began her speech by saying, “Thank you. From deep, deep down in my heart, I thank you. I am not only accepting this award for myself, I’m accepting it on behalf of my amazing crew, my staff who make the show possible. They show up every single day, they give 100% of themselves, 100% of the time. That’s 250 people, times 170 shows a year, times 18 years, if you carry the 2 and divide it by 11… my point is, I love them all and I thank them for what they do every single day to help that show be the best that we try to make it every single day.”

“I know this award comes from the people. I say thank you to the people,” she continued. “For all of my fans for supporting me, for sticking by me, I cannot tell you how grateful I am and what this means to me. It’s more than I can possibly tell you, especially right now.”

Of course, it didn’t take very long for the internet to respond to Ellen’s win, with a lot of people pointing out her sheer hypocrisy for thanking her staff, even though many of them have been allegedly bullied by her for years.

“So the Ellen DeGeneres show received a People’s choice award, after all the alleged staff mistreatment?? Life is really not fair,” said one critic, while another one added, “I’m really confused on how @TheEllenShow won the daytime TV award at @eentertainment peoples choice after all that controversy.”

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