Joe Biden Beats Donald Trump In Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden won an early morning victory in the tiny New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch with a unanimous decision of five to zero over President Donald Trump.

Dixville Notch resides near the Canadian border in northern New Hampshire and has been casting it’s ballots at midnight on election day for decades. However, this may not be an early sign of what’s to come, as Hilary Clinton won the vote there back in 2016, and we saw what happened in that election.

In the neighboring town of Millsfield, about 10 miles away, it was a different story. As Trump received 16 votes to Biden’s five. It’s an early morning tradition for the New Hampshire area, and one that doesn’t mean a terrible amount in the grand scheme of things.

Joe Biden Takes The Board With All 5 Voters In Dixville Notch, NH

While it’s a fun little stat that Joe Biden can hang his hat on, it’s more of a tradition and fun contest for the Presidential hopefuls to take part in at midnight, however, we have the rest of the country voting, and it looks like it could go either way.

If you turn off the television that is. You have Liberal outlets saying it will be a Biden blowout and Conservative outlets saying it will be a Trump blowout, however, if you just look around and talk to people (really talk to them, not on Twitter), you’ll find that people have a lot more in common than we think.

Remember, please stay civil and friendly this election and know that these are your fellow Americans, friends, and family. We’re all in this together.

What do you think? Is this an early prediction of what’s to come? Let us know in the comments below.

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