Does Youtuber Jeffree Star Have a New Boyfriend?

So recently, out at Boa, the restaraunt where all the famous (and infamous) youtubers hangout, Jeffree Star was spotted in one of his many expensive sports cars (this time a carnation pink one!) along with make-up artist BoomKat MUA, hairstylist Hair by J, along with a new, mystery man in a blue hoodie, a man known on IG simply as “Vonrhe”.

Jeffree, of course, was decked out to the hilts in the newest from Louis Vuitton and carrying what could be deemed the most rare birkin. Because it’s Jeffree Star, and of course he would.

But who is this new guy, you ask? 

Well, from the looks of it, on his IG profile he lists his profession as a personal trainer. Jeffree hasn’t said anything about a new relationship recently, he did say he had been dating, but he kind of left it at that. He said that it was hard to find people in his area to date and that he did miss being in love, but he has not confirmed nor denied any kind of new relationship.

He did however, awhile back, say that he had started a new fitness routine, so… is this new relationship possibly mixing a little business with pleasure?


It’s Jeffree Star, I wouldn’t negate any kind of possibility. From the looks of it this Vonrhe guy isn’t attached to anyone, but that doesn’t actually mean that he bats for Jeffree’s team either. Not that you could actually tell that by an instagram profile though, who knows what he’s like outside of social media?

However, if it is just a business relationship, maybe it was simply Jeffree taking out his entourage for a nice dinner after a day dedicated to fitness and glam. Stranger things have happened.

Also, a lot of fitness gurus emphasize a healthy, high protein diet (ahem) and BOA seems to have exactly what any healthnut would look for. They are a steakhouse, specializing in the prized japanese Wagyu Beef (google that), they also have lobster and salmon, if you look at their website the entrees sound positively appetizing.

But does this little outing mean anything aside from a nice dinner? If it does I’m sure we’ll hear about it the next time Jeffree gets cancelled. Stay tuned!!!

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