Youtube Star Tana Mongeau Goes Brunette For the Views!

If you’ve been on youtube for as long as I have you will recognize Tana Mongeau, and you will know that she’s literally been blonde for as long as she’s been on the platform. Like, an icy cool blonde except for the one time she went pink and got dragged for that all over social media. (Even though I personally thought it was cute, but I digress.)

However, this time she decided to get a really convincing wig in order to confuse the people in her life for a day. The wig honestly reminded me somewhat of a J.Lo hairstyle, and in my opinion, looked great on Tana.

Youtube- But everyone in her life hated it

Especially Jake Paul! When she asked him if they would have gotten married if she had been brunette he straight up said no. That made me roll my eyes because the wig wasn’t that bad. She could have been worse, it could have been like the time Trisha Paytas went brunette, anybody remember that nightmare? Yeah, that was something that I’m glad was left in 2019.

The only thing that made the wig look questionable was the fact that Tana had way too dark of a spray tan on for that particular shade of cinnamon brown. Also, her makeup was the wrong shade as well, seriously, with a different level of spray tan and different makeup, she could have rocked the look.

So in my opinion she didn’t really give it enough of a chance. She just gathered all the guys in her life around and had them react to the hairstyle which, okay, was funny, but they’re guys. Young guys in particular are pretty much always into blondes, so it would be a given that most of the guys in her life would still want her blonde.

I’m thinking particularly Jake, and perhaps Jordan, but I was surprised at Amari. You’d think, being her best friend he would have a slightly different opinion on Tana’s hair, but nope! He was as appalled by the brown as everyone else in Tana’s life.

I’m going to say that I liked the brown color and if Tana ever did decide to go brunette, I’d be okay with that because I think with the right makeup and the right shade of spray tan that she could pull it off, but go off sis, go off. Stay tuned!

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