Mariah Carey reveals secret album, Someone’s Ugly Daughter

Ever heard of “Someone’s Ugly Daughter”? You will. 2020 has been full of huge changes, surprises, and just plain crazy stuff. From the Hollywood mess going on to shutdowns and other stuff, there’s been plenty of “you can’t make this up” moments. It seems Mariah Carey wanted to up the ante.

About Someone’s Ugly Daughter

So, Someone’s Ugly Daughter is an alternative/grunge album from the ‘90s. According to the listings, the record celebrated its 25th anniversary on September 5th. Credited to the group Chick, it featured 11 songs and we don’t recall it being much of a hit at the time. That might be about to change.

Someone’s ugly daughter unmasked

Why is that? Because the creative force behind Someone’s Ugly Daughter is none other than Mariah Carey. The singer took to Twitter to share how she secretly recorded the project while she was working on the Daydream record.

The full story is in the singer’s new memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. According to all the reports, Carey wrote, produced and sang on all the songs. Not only that, she admitted to designing the album art. The image features a lipstick tube, an outline of lips, and a bug while the album title is in messy script.

As for the artist, Chick is both Mariah and a friend, Clarissa Dane. We can’t with the idea she actually made a whole record and no one found out, even with her voice blended in with Clarissa’s for the lead vocal.

If we didn’t know it was her, we might not have been able to tell, though. That’s what made this so genius at the time. Read this article to see how Carey wanted to take things a step further.

While Carey is not directly listed as a writer, we have a feeling we know what name she used for the project. One of the writers is listed as D Sue.

Which, given what we know about the other singer/writer on the project and the other name listed, seems the most likely candidate. It’s a totally unexpected move for a couple of reasons.

Breaking down Someone’s ugly daughter

If you’re so inclined, you can find and listen to this record online. Honestly, it’s a lot of fun, sonically. It’s definitely got that old punk/grunge vibe and the songs drip with attitude.

It makes us nostalgic for a time when this kind of music, as well as early Mariah’s, was all over. There was something different about the vibe of these songs, but the real surprise for us? The lyrics.

Carey wrote, “I wanted to break free, let loose, and express my misery.”

This is obvious when you sit and read the lyrics. There’s a lot of angst and clear frustration revealed in them, which fits. Carey hasn’t been shy about how she felt stifled and controlled during her early Sony years.

And we can definitely see hints of the humor and nonsense lyrics that are more noticeable in her later work. For example, one song’s lyrics say, “Like Travolta with no hustle Schwarzenegger with no muscle.” Definitely gives us “Obsessed” vibes. Plus, there’s a song where “I crave you” appears a lot.

Mariah’s own label back in the late ‘90s was called Crave Records. It’s definitely a fun project, and Mariah also recently said via Twitter she’s on a mission to find her lead vocals, so you might just see that get a release someday. In this year? Anything is possible.

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