Joe Rogan And Tim Dillon Under Fire For Joking About “Politically Incorrect” Trans Word

Joe Rogan is no stranger to controversy. Lately though, he’s been under fire because people want to censor him, edit his podcast down, or provide fact checks. This, of course, is ridiculous and the idea of free speech has never been under fire more than it currently is. Rogan, who for nearly a decade ran his own podcast and had no one above him, or a boss telling him what to do, recently sold his show to Spotify for a nice chunk of change. He claimed that they would in no way infringe upon or change the show, this seems to be slipping away though.

In a recent podcast with comedian and host of his own podcast “The Tim Dillon Show”, Tim Dillon and Rogan used the term “trannies” when referring to transsexuals. This has caused the podcasters to come under fire for using the term and joking afterward about how they shouldn’t say it.

Joe Rogan And Tim Dillon Under Fire For Joking About “Politically Incorrect” Trans Word

So what is this going to mean for the future of Rogan’s podcast under Spotify? Whether or not you like a certain word or phrase, it’s not illegal for someone to use it. Sure, depending on the word you could disagree and think that person is a fool but trying to silence or censor their ability to say it isn’t right.

This is what caused Rogan to amass such a following, to begin with. He wasn’t filtered and he wasn’t afraid to stick his neck out there. People were glued to this authenticity, but it may be fading under this new Spotify deal. You can not like Rogan, you can think he and Dillon are rude for using the term and not listen to them. Though, I think trying to force them from being able to say it is not right.

What do you think? Is this a big deal or will there be more outcries to censor Rogan? Let us know in the comments below.

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