CNN Prime Time’s Chris Cuomo Just Did Something REALLY Stupid

CNN prime time host Chris Cuomo was reportedly spotted socializing mask-free at a private members club. Yes, this is the same Chris Cuomo who has spent the last several months preaching to the American public the importance of not only social distancing, but wearing masks at all times in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Page Six, eyewitnesses say Governor Andrew Cuomo’s little brother apparently acting like he was the mayor of New York City while hobnobbing with the club members and of course, walking around maskless.

Chris Cuomo Just Did Something Really Stupid

“He was not social distancing and was walking around indoors, shaking hands and greeting people without a mask. He was just hanging with Brooke Shields’ husband. It’s a double standard when his brother [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] is attacking the restaurant industry and implementing all these senseless rules,” a source told Page Six.

This has led many of his critics to point out that Chris has not been practicing what he preaches. If that weren’t enough, it looks like his family members are not big fans of masks, either.

In a new interview with Elle, Chris’ wife, Cristina, said, “When people come in my house, I leave it up to them whether they want to wear a mask or not.”

It’s been pointed out that both Chris and Christina battled coronavirus earlier this year. However, that hasn’t stopped the CNN star from telling people to do as I say, but certainly not as I do. Chris has recently said: “We are our own solution … Wearing masks, avoiding crowds, keeping your distance. It sounds simple, but we’re not doing it.

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