Armie Hammer Doesn’t Think Joe Biden Will Win The Presidential Election

With less than two weeks away, everyone is taking their bets in the upcoming Presidential election. While it might look like former Vice President Joe Biden has a comfortable lead over President Donald Trump, if there’s anything we’ve learned that anything can still happen, especially at the very last minute, if not also the last second.

At least, that’s what Hollywood actor Armie Hammer is warning, as he doesn’t think that Joe Biden has won the election yet. Here’s what he has to say.

Armie Hammer Doesn’t Think Joe Biden Will Win The Presidential Election

Speaking to GQ in a new interview, the handsome actor confirms something we’ve all been thinking for quite some time now: it’s not over until it’s over. Even though Joe Biden has about a five-point margin ahead of Donald Trump in some key battleground states, Armie is afraid that 2016 will repeat itself all over again, when Donald surprised everyone by winning more electoral votes than Hilary Clinton that year to clinch the presidency.

When asked what are Joe Biden’s chances of becoming the next president, Armie answered with, “Not good. If I was an optimist, I’d say it was 50/50. I mean, a lot can happen, but also a lot can happen in a bad way. Historically speaking, incumbent US presidents are almost always elected in times of war. So, I mean, look at everything that’s going on in the Middle East. If a war kicks off there.”

The Call Me By Your Name actor added, “Also, if Biden wins I don’t know how different things will be. I guess it will no longer be socially acceptable to be racist… But remember, he’s the guy who claims he wrote the Patriot Act. Do you think Biden cares about these private military police kidnapping US citizens off the street? Doing extraordinary rendition on our own citizens? He doesn’t give a sh-t. By the way, Obama did exactly that same thing by sending shock troops up when we had the pipeline protests. They sent a load of troops to just go basically beat the sh-t out of a bunch of natives when we were encroaching on their land. Sure, we have to get Trump out, period, but I lost my faith in politicians long ago.”

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