Joe Rogan Talks About Opening Comedy Club In Austin

Joe Rogan has made his move from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, and is loving the change. We’ve already talked about the new studio and how we felt about that, so ignoring how that looks, let’s take a deeper look into what he mentioned in his recent podcast with comedian Ron White.

Not only has Rogan made his move already, but he’s also looking to buy a ranch and open a comedy club in Austin. What he’s not sure about is whether he’ll build the club on the ranch or downtown. Towards the end of the podcast, it sounds like he wants to build the club downtown and start a new comedy hub for comedians outside of The Comedy Store in L.A.

Joe Rogan Talks About Opening Comedy Club In Austin

Throughout his chat with White, Rogan mentions a lot of his future plans for Austin and how much he loves the freedom of being outside of L.A. There are fewer people, he can have more space and start his comedy club.

With Rogan’s new Spotify deal, he also mentions that he wouldn’t be looking to make any money on the club. If he could break even he’d be happy with that. It’s all about the community he preached, and it sounds like Rogan is bringing a lot more of his comedian friends to Texas.

What do you think? Would you go to Joe Rogan’s comedy club in Austin? Let us know in the comments below.

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