Joe Rogan Shares Video Of Himself Hunting Elk – Fans Blast Spotify In The Comments

Joe Rogan shared a video of himself hunting for elk in Utah on Instagram. While this just looks like one of his normal Instagram posts, people of course began making comments about Spotify. Now, whether you think Rogan “sold out” or not to move to Spotify for a pretty penny, you have to wonder what’s happened to some of his episodes.

In particular, his videos with Alex Jones aren’t listed on Spotify, and other “controversial” guests don’t come up anymore either. So when people tell Joe that Spotify might night like him hunting on Instagram, you have to wonder if it’s true.

Take a look at his post below with the following caption,

On the stalk for elk in Utah.
I had a great time with some awesome people, and I came home with the best organic meat in the world.
Thanks as always to @cameronrhanes and @nockontv for the mentoring!
I am fortunate in many ways, but the education and coaching in archery and bow hunting that I have received from these men is something I’m extremely thankful for.”

Joe Rogan Shares Video Of Himself Hunting Elk

There’s been a lot in question lately with Joe Rogan’s decision to move to Spotify. However, something as simple as hunting in Utah, during his personal time, probably won’t bother Spotify too much. Who knows though, it’s 2020, may we’ll get another cryptic apology message from Rogan tomorrow.

What do you think? Should Rogan have stayed independent with his podcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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