Ryan Reynolds Debuts Streaming Service Mint Mobile+ – New Owner Of Mint Mobile

You know him, you love him, Ryan Reynold’s is the new owner of the cell phone carrier server, Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile is a more affordable way to use your cell phone and has plans with unlimited talk, text, and 4 GBs of data starting at only $25 a month. It’s a very simple process, you order your plan, they send you a sim card, you put it in your phone and you keep your same number and phone.

I’m not going to lie, I use Mint Mobile, and I love it. Even with the 12 GBs plan with unlimited talk and text, it’s only $135, for three months of service! A lot of us pay that in one month alone right now! Of course, this isn’t an ad, but with Reynolds being the new owner we’ve already gotten a hilarious commercial you can check out below along with his new streaming service, Mint Mobile+.

Ryan Reynolds Debuts Streaming Service Mint Mobile+ – New Owner Of Mint Mobile

So what’s Mint Mobile+? Well, we are talking about Ryan Reynolds, so it’s a joke. One of the first things he did as owner of Mint Mobile was trolled us, but we’re not even mad. If you go to www.mintmobileplus.com, you get what you expect from a streaming service, an animated load up, different categories of film, different genres, etc, so, what makes it different?

There’s only one movie on the entire site. ‘Foolproof’, an early Reynolds film before he exploded into the massive star he is today. Well done Mr. Reynolds, never change.

What do you think? Was this a good joke from Reynolds? Let us know in the comments below.

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