Rosie O’Donnell Goes On The Record To Defend Ellen DeGeneres

If there is someone who knows what Ellen DeGeneres must be feeling right now, it’s certainly Rosie O’Donnell. The once proclaimed ‘Television Queen of Nice’ saw the same downfall that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is dealing with right now. This comes after allegations have been made that the Ellen DeGeneres Show is a toxic workplace behind the scenes. Here’s what you need to know.

Speaking to Busy Phillips on her new podcast, Rosie says that she definitely feels compassion for Ellen, who has faced many allegations in the last few months. Some have implied that Ellen is the kind of person that you don’t speak to unless spoken to first, doesn’t make eye contact with her employees, and makes her staff chew gum outside of the room. If that weren’t enough, her talk show has also been plagued with allegations of sexual misconduct, racism, and gender inequalities. In other words, it’s not the happy place that Ellen has been trying to portray it as for years.

Rosie O’Donnell Goes On The Record To Defend Ellen DeGeneres

Rosie explained, “You can’t fake your essence. “That’s why I have compassion for Ellen [DeGeneres], right? I have compassion, even though, you know, I hear the stories and I understand. I think she has some social awkwardness.”

However, Rosie also explained why she has never been a guest on the show.

“You know how Ellen surprises everyone?” she said, “I’ve never done that show because I’m terrified she’s going to scare me and give me a heart attack.”

Personally, Rosie said that she has always wanted to have her own show of a be a co-host rather than work on a movie set just so she could be with her growing family.

“I had to get a nanny, because I hadn’t had a nanny till then and he was like, you know, 8, 9 months old. So I got my [housekeeper], Maria, to come with me to the movie set to help take care of him, and when I came home after, like, the second day of 12 hours, he wouldn’t come to me. He was staying with Maria… And I thought, I need a job where he can grow up with his cousins and his family around him, where I’m going to be there every day to take him to school,” she said.

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