Guests Were TOLD To Compliment Ellen DeGeneres On Air

Just when you thought that all of the Ellen DeGeneres claims, allegations and rumors were wild enough, get a load of this. There is a new report that says producers for the Ellen DeGeneres show asked guests to compliment the host on air.

In other words, they wanted A-list stars like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts and even reality television star Kim Kardashian to fawn over Ellen DeGeneres while promoting their new projects on her show. Here’s what you need to know.

Guests Were Told To Compliment Ellen DeGeneres On Air

Ellen is getting blasted from every direction possible for apparently being the meanest celebrity in the entertainment industry. Even though she for the longest time was regarded as the ‘Queen of Nice’ crew members and those who worked with Ellen from behind the scenes say that she is more like the Queen of Mean.

According to Page Six, two guests – who want to remain anonymous – told the site that while being prepped for their interview, a producer came up to them and told them they should complement Ellen and tell her what kind of “big fans” they were.

Of the appearance three years ago, a source added, “These guests were already fans of Ellen, big fans, but to be told you have to flatter her was really weird. You shouldn’t have to be told … If you do look at past interviews, most of the guests always gush over Ellen — whether they’re members of the public or her close friends.”

If that weren’t enough, Australian television host Neil Breen said that Ellen’s staff constantly look like they are walking on egg shells. During his visit on the show back in 2013, Breen said he was told, “No one is to talk to Ellen. You don’t talk to her, you don’t approach her, you don’t look at her.”

So far Ellen herself has not made any public comments about all of the allegations that have been made against her.

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