Ellen DeGeneres Attempts Damage Control With Her Staff

Ellen DeGeneres wants all of her staff members and crew that work behind the scenes at her show to look her in the eyes. In fact, the daytime television talk show host says that she has no idea where the “no eye contact rule” came from as she attempts to do some major damage control with her staff. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Page Six, sources say that Ellen conducted a Zoom call with her staff on Monday in which she addressed the supposed unspoken rule that said no one was allowed to look at her or speak to her unless spoken too. Ellen said that the rumors were completely “insane,” adding, “It’s crazy, just not true, I don’t know how it started. [It’s] not who I am.”

Ellen DeGeneres Attempts Damage Control With Her Staff

She added, “Please talk to me. Look me in the eye.”

A former producer of Australia’s Today show revealed earlier this summer that Ellen’s staff did make bizarre demands when she made an appearance on the show back in 2013. “‘She’ll come in, she’ll sit down, she’ll talk to Richard and then Ellen will leave,’” Neil Breen recalled her staff telling him. “And I sort of said, ‘I can’t look at her?’ I found the whole thing bizarre.”

While there have been some rumors suggesting that the Ellen DeGeneres Show would not come back because of all the scandals surrounding it and even an investigation into the show’s ‘toxic work environment,’ Ellen told her staff that she’s excited to get back to work.

Meanwhile, there’s another report that says the crew of her daytime television show are all reveling over the fact that Ellen is getting so much bad press for the way she’s been treating others poorly for years now.

“They’ve been calling and texting each other about the story,” the source revealed. “They’re loving that the truth — which has been an open secret for years in the industry — is finally receiving more interest.”

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