EastEnders Spoilers: Is Karen Taylor Set To Be Dragged Into Danger After Keegan Baker Makes Huge Mistake?


EastEnders spoilers have teased that Karen Taylor’s life could be in danger when the BBC soap returns next month. Viewers will be aware that there is a very close bond between Keegan Baker and his mother, but that bond will truly be tested when the soap returns. Viewers will be hoping that it isn’t the end for their close relationship.

The two of them have been getting closer over the past couple of weeks, with Karen staying strong for Keegan as his life was crumbling apart around him. She was his rock in the closing scenes of the soap, as he broke down in her arms after discovering that there was no way to salvage his food truck after it was attacked.

EastEnders Spoilers: Keegan Gets Involved In Wrong Crowd

It has been teased that Keegan’s run in with the gang isn’t over yet, as he could look to get revenge. Viewers will remember that the gang of thugs attacking Keegan’s food truck and made him watch on as they did it. It came after a customer to the truck suggested that Keegan was using the food business as a front for another business.

Keegan and Tiffany were shocked as the thug was suggesting that Keegan was really a drug dealer, and that his business wasn’t legit. Tiffany was outraged that he immediately presumed that Keegan was a dealer just because of the colour of his skin, and verbally berated the thug. However, this backfired as he returned later on to vandalise the truck.

EastEnders Spoilers: Will Karen Be In Danger?

It is unlikely that Keegan will be willing to let this go easily, and he could be set to try and get revenge on the bunch of thugs that attacked his food truck. But, could this unintentionally lead to Keegan putting trouble on the doorstep of his mother?

Viewers will be aware that Keegan is living at home with his mother, and if he tries to get revenge on the thugs then they will be keen to know where he lives to try and get Keegan back again. This could lead to Karen getting in harms way, and she could be the one that pays for Keegan looking to get revenge..

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