Anne Heche Shares Some Very Cryptic Words About Her Ex-Girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres

Anne Heche recently opened up about all of the controversies surrounding her very famous ex-girlfriend, Ellen DeGeneres. Here’s what she has to say.

Speaking to the Mr. Warburton magazine, Anne made it pretty clear that she and Ellen are no longer on speaking terms. What’s more, the actress said rather cryptically that she thinks it would be best to speak to those who have worked with Ellen in recent years to get a better understanding of what is really going on behind the scenes at her troubled talk show. She said, ““I haven’t spoken to Ellen in years. I’d listen to the people who have.”

Anne Heche Shares Some Very Cryptic Words About Her Ex-Girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres

“If I’m standing someplace and I don’t like what’s going on there and I stay there, it’s my fault,” said Heche, who dated DeGeneres from 1997-2000. “So what are the actions that got me there and why can’t I get out of it easily if that’s not something that I want to be engaged in?” She added, “Ellen is standing where she walks, and that is hers to continue that journey.”

This comes after many allegations were made suggesting that the disgraced talk show host is the new ‘Karen’ of the television industry. Ellen has apparently been given the nickname ‘Talk Show Karen’ by her staff and the crew that works on her show behind the scenes. As many fans and social media users already know, ‘Karen’ has become a term to describe a woman who is entitled or very demanding.

One source close to the production team tells the site, “Who would have thought that one of America’s most loved personalities would morph into America’s most famous Karen? There’s no way anyone on staff wants Karen and her band of toxic executives to return.”

This comes after several reports have indicated that Ellen is certainly not the ‘Queen of Nice’ or at least, when it comes to the way she has treated people in the past. Two actresses have told Page Six that producers of her show have asked them to compliment Ellen on air and tell the audience what kind of big fans they are. Others say that Ellen is the kind of person who doesn’t want anyone to speak to her unless spoken to, let alone chew gum in her presence.

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