Soaps going forward – Uncharted Territory For DOOL, GH, Y&R and B&B!

Now that everything has literally come down to social distancing and hollywood is facing another shutdown, I think soaps could possibly cross over into a medium that literally no one has thought of.

Even though it might take a little bit of adjustment and planning, actually a lot of adjustment and planning because for the amount of footage needed it would take a long time to produce but someone, somewhere, someday will invent a way to do this more efficiently, who knows? I propose that soaps throw their hat into the animation ring.

Soaps going forward – Uncharted Territory

Before you laugh, thinking that this kind of thing would not have an audience, hear me out. Soaps are dying out. There are only four traditional soaps left where there used to be 13. A lot of the demographic is getting older and let’s face it, sooner or later nature takes its course.

But that doesn’t mean that the medium has to go the way of the dinosaurs, what I am proposing is a new way of doing things, embracing a potentially scary frontier and doing it with gusto. After all, that’s what soaps are famous for, right?

Right now would be a great time to do it because as we all know, usually when other things shut down production what we can usually count on in our every day lives are the production of soap operas. But now, even they have been shut down.

Social distancing has made the production start-ups suffer too, think about it, the production now has to use the stars’ significant others, or dolls to do love scenes, so far the signifcant others have been fitting body doubles and good sports about it, but not everyone wants to be on-screen, and there’s only so much emotion one can get out of a doll.

However, a lot of soap stars have already branched out into the gaming industry for work and done voice work. Also, a lot of the major soaps are owned by companies who have animation companies behind them. ABC has Disney, NBC has Dreamworks, CBS has CBS Eye Animation who is currently doing an animated Star Trek series.

With the advent of animation software such as adobe character animator, whom a lot of people are just usig by themselves to animate certain scenes on say, youtube, real footage could still be shot, but this way soaps could safely practice the social distancing needs and their extrordinary plots wouldn’t have to suffer.

If people are worried about the quality of the animation then they shouldn’t be so worried, there is a lot of talent in the gaming industry that could be utilized to animate soaps. Look at the animation for any modern video game and you will see that they’re getting better, a lot better.

Today’s animation is no longer the uncanny valley territory of The Polar Express, there is some real talent that could be going to waste here. And it would be good, steady work for animators, considering how much footage would actually be needed.

So… I throw down the gauntlet. I propose that some soap out there do an animated episode, even if it’s just a one-time ‘cracked out dream’ episode just for funsies and see just what happens. I’m pretty sure the viewership wouldn’t wane, in fact, I’m pretty sure the curiosity factor would drive this through the roof.

Come on, let’s go back to our soap-y roots and embrace the different! After all, that’s what being a soap is about, right? Being unafraid to tackle any kind of issue? Well, here’s one! Stay tuned!!!

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